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Dodat’s Hub

Each Project is important.

In order to give you the customer the best chance at success we implement a multitude of technologies to suit your needs.  As the world pushes forward this list is every growing in how we reach our customers and provide an excellent experience.

From the office building,  local grocer, to the family owned boutique your success is based on improving how you conduct business. DoDat’s Hub allows each and every customer regardless of size access to the same tools or better than everything else on the market.

Available products

How We Build

A Small List of Some of our Products.

DoDat TV

Use already installed or purchase monitors to display or promote values, sales, or special to anyone who walks through your door.

Instant Ad

Instant Ad is a simple tool designed to put sales, coupons and special messaging as close to your customers as possible.

Your advertisement can be created in-store and shared across social media simultaneously.

Quick Proof

DoDat can help with Quick Proof, an easy-to-use workflow tool that links project managers and designers.

Website Design/Management

Let us do the background work of designing and managing your site while you do what matters most to your customers.

Call for Details

My SignMaker

Stock your business with your designed and branded signage to display
your products your own way.

Social Media

Promotions across all the platforms out there. Just let us know what message you want to get out there and we’ll do the rest.

Find the Product For You!

Additional Work