Design With a Purpose
Reach your customers

What We Do

DoDat specializes in working with you to create long lasting visuals that effectively reach your customers. We learn, apply and create. Work with one or all of our designers’ to create tailored designs, whether for a store front or for a media campaign to grow your business


Professional Team

At every step of the process you are being addressed by 20+ years of experience in marketing and brand building experience


Attention to Details

We are invested in your success, so at each stage your project will be created and proofed with final production in mind to ensure the highest quality effect

Custom Designs

Just like you, every design is created based on your unique needs. Whether small or large, each project is special and gets the full treatment

Fast Turnaround

If you have a deadline, so do we. We pride ourselves on meeting not only your expectations but your time needs. Printing, shipping or delivery, we’ll get it there on time!

Marketing Intelligence

Great design has been proven to influence the way the world views your business. Having a professional and clear design enhances your credibility and creates an easier, more enjoyable experience. Our approach to design is always based around achieving your objective. From business cards to any and all sales material, our vision is to see your brand being represented in the best light.

A design without a plan is USELESS. When working with GreenLight, we create with the intention of implementation. Let’s take these ideas and build a brand. We pride ourselves on using not only industry standards but relationships with powerful platforms to develop a strategy to create brand awareness in a variety of media platforms (Social Media, Mailer, Network affiliations etc.)

Additional Work